Comments after a win

I was thinking of writing about a recent SYSPRO win we had, and recent posts by Dennis Howlett on Microsoft and SAP make me feel vindicated in some of my opinions.

We have recently won an ERP deal with a European company opening new operations in SA; the company is in the home building sector. For its ERP requirements, it asked for proposals from 8 companies, which were short-listed to Dynamics AX, SYSPRO and Accpac. I am surprised SAP All-in-One didn’t get short-listed, and I am wondering what that says about functionality or the SAP partner that submitted the proposal. I also wonder if Dynamics NAV was investigated, but I know it wouldn’t have had the functionality.

Our company was contacted directly, not via SYSPRO, so that tells me we have a reputation in the ERP-manufacturing space. The fact that we won against AX suggests that Microsoft (again) couldn’t get its software pricing right for this market; SYSPRO would have been quite flexible. The functionality we could provide with SYSPRO, and our own add-ons and third party software, would have shown the our solution could address their requirements. And I reckon that the expertise and knowledge in this company about complex manufacturing and distribution environments made an impression.

So, if SYSPRO can win a complex ERP deal against high-end competitors like AX and All-in-One, how come it is still so often perceived as a secondary player? Like Microsoft and SAP, I think there is a mentality in SYSPRO that needs to change so they start thinking, talking and positioning themselves as a ‘big’ ERP player.

Lastly, enterprise software vendors in general should be seriously thinking about how they market and price their products, because as one of Dennis’ quotes mentions – “they continue to price their products (as well as their maintenance) as [if] they were highly strategic and innovative.”


5 thoughts on “Comments after a win

  1. Hi Dennis,
    I enjoyed your observations following your recent win.

    Visibility is in the process of expanding our channel internationally with arguably one of the only fully browser based (requires no software on the desktop except IE) ERP solutions available today.

    It sounds like your Company is a reseller, if so, who would be the appropriate person for me to speak with about a potential affiliate relationship.

    Steve Carson, EVP Sales
    Visibility Corp
    in US: 978-269-6515

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