JDE customer base is disappearing

I happened to meet someone who was a customer in my JD Edwards days. His company still uses JDE but he told me the customer base in South Africa has dropped dramatically. Apparently, when Oracle took over JDE, a lot of (larger) JDE customers used that as the signal to re-evaluate their ERP system, and most moved to SAP. When he goes to Oracle customer events the JDE brand is now very minor.

I asked whether JDE customers considered moving to Microsoft (thinking AX, ie Axapta) and his response was that Microsoft ERP was considered as a small-medium business (SMB) option. Sounds like the attitude of companies 10 years ago to databases – Microsoft SQL Server was for SMBs, Oracle was for big business.

The number of local companies that provide JDE support has dropped and so has the number of skilled resources. It seems that JDE and its related skills will go the same way as Natural Adabas.

So if SYSPRO can raise its profile in the larger company market, it may be able to provide companies with an alternative to just SAP (and Oracle?).


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