Achilles’ heel of ERP

A point that is used to sell ERP is to enable business to be more agile. Once companies got their ERP system installed, however, they sometimes found that making certain changes was extremely difficult. Sometimes this is due to the system itself, but often its due to customisations that were made.

Now I see there are two reports that indicate the lack of agility of ERP is becoming recognised as a major problem – Change – Ain’t it a Chore. As much as 40-50% of businesses report being limited in making important changes due to their ERP system.

I should say that it’s not new. In the late 1980s-early 1990s when I worked in the IT department of a bank, we were always finding restrictions in the system to what the business wanted, and we had to find ways around. I know of a large bank in Johannesburg today which is still finding that its systems restrict its business – I was almost a project manager there.


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