Enterprise irregulars are ‘north’ centric

I follow the blogs of the ‘enterprise irregulars’ – Dennis,Vinnie, Jeff, Sadagopan and others – because they seem to be very close to what’s happening and who is who in the enterprise space. But I am beginning to wonder what part of the world economy their comments represent. In my opinion, its the developed ‘north’, even though they report what is happening in India, for example.

So I am asking, where are the enterprise software bloggers for the developing countries of the ‘south’? With my sceptical view of the major vendors, I also wonder if we got together as a group, would the vendors take any notice of us?


2 thoughts on “Enterprise irregulars are ‘north’ centric

  1. you are correct – but till India, China emerge as viable enterprise markets, and the Wipros and Infosyses can make more than 10% of their revenues from them, even the Indian ecosystem is tied in to the North. It would be nice to see a new generation of software vendors emerge from those markets to compete against the SAPs and Oracles. And they in turn encourage a new generation of service firms – from around the world.

  2. Not being noticed can be a good place to be – especially if it is delivering on local needs others choose not to address. But that’s not a reason for ‘us’ to be exclusionary in out outlook. Let’s see if we can correct that aprlous state of affairs.

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