Dynamics from the outside

In the 3 weeks since my last blog I have moved to another company – I am back doing the project and technical stuff I enjoy.

The perspective I have of Microsoft Dynamics is now is one of an outsider; my new company has a big SYSPRO business unit – although I work in a different team. When I see the number of SYSPRO customers this company has, and its pipeline, I wonder how Microsoft thinks it will grow Dynamics into a large market share, certainly in South Africa. In the NAV space where I used to work, the total number of new NAV customers last year was a low percentage of the new SYSPRO deals; SYSPRO is also able to compete successfully with AX.

My scepticism of Dynamics’ ERP market potential coincides with some interesting reports from the Convergence conference overseas.
– It seems like the plan to integrate the code base of AX, GP and NAV has been abandoned (RIP Project Green), which makes me wonder then what Microsoft will do with its disparate product line.
– Microsoft is now talking about Dynamics as a “business process platform”, which doesn’t surprise me because Orlando Ayala said that at an event last year.
– Dennis Howlett is making sceptical comments about Microsoft’s application strategy.

I suppose this means I am pleased to be out of the Dynamics arena.


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