Leaving the ERP arena

I am leaving the ERP arena.

We merged our company with a larger ERP VAR, and while they took our technical staff, they didn’t want the sales/marketing/admin side – which means I was left looking for another job.

Like the consolidation of the ERP vendors, it seems that the same is happening in South Africa with the VARs. In the small-medium business space, new customers are choosing software based on price and perception of the supporting VAR. The SMB market for ERP is definitely in Geoffrey Moore’s late majority/laggard end of the adoption curve. So I am beginning to believe that the age of ERP is coming to an end. ERP VARs will survive on the basis of occasional new business, but additional work for existing customers will become more important, and other business areas will need to be developed

I am moving to a software company that started as a Syspro VAR over 10 years ago, but it has also developed a sophisticated project management solution for large manufacturing organisations; that’s where I will be working. More on that once I get into it.


One thought on “Leaving the ERP arena

  1. Wow Simon – you’re living in a topsy turvy world at the moment to be sure. I think you’re right about ERP. It’s all about cross-upselling and most SAP implementations are rally dredging operations. Curiously, the liongeivty of some of these deals means the SAP/Oracle’s of the world actually look quite attractive, if expensive.

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