AMR on Oracle … and Linux … and Microsoft

A never-ending source of insight for me is the weekly AMR Alert I get. This week it’s all about Oracle’s customer bash, OpenWorld. Apparently because it combines both the database and apps business, there are now tens of thousands of delegates. I know San Francisco can handle big events but I wonder just how well it handled this one; I expect some delegates ended up staying miles out of town.

The part of the article that caught my eye was Oracle pushing its own Linux version, because with general Linux is there “is no enterprise-level support, service is expensive, and there is no intellectual property indemnification. The latter is a reference to the ongoing SCO-IBM lawsuit.” This sounds like Oracle pushing its own proprietary Linux, and that makes me wonder if the Linux community would accept it.

It also makes the point, again, about the problem for businesses adopting Linux. For the small-to-medium business we encounter, who don’t have much of an internal IT organisation, the one advantage of adopting the Microsoft platform is that it provides all those things that Linux lacks – except for the licensing. But as a business owner myself, I appreciate that those are the pros and cons one has to weigh up.

At the end of the article, quoting from an AMR customer, there is a comment about Microsoft (MSFT) with ”
Vista is trying to bundle SQL Server, search, SharePoint, on an operating system, starting with the operation system. MSFT appears to be content with this, because they have no clue how to deal with applications/solutions.” That last point is so true.


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