Ready to go

On one of the last posts of my previous blog site, I said there were changes about to happen; moving to WordPress was one, the other was setting up a new company.

Both have now happened, I am glad to say. We got the new company registration papers this week. What was even more surprising was that our ERP principal also confirmed our partner contract – within a week. The initials of the new company are MBS (M is not manticore), which actually is completely coincidental with the old initials of our principal.

Who has taken the longest to get going – the bank with our cheque account! I had to open a company savings account so we could give our customers a bank account on their invoices.

The actions list on the list:

  • VAT and PAYE registration
  • foreign exchange approval to pay our principal
  • new office premises
  • telephone number
  • logo
  • business cards

What I am learning in this process is that things take time, and to appreciate each little step forward.


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