Welcome to the new manticore location

This blog continues from my previous blog, which was hosted on a South African site at http://blogspace.mweb.co.za/Users/manticore

This blog covers the technology product range usually called ERP (enterprise resource planning), but also goes by other names like business or enterprise management software.

There are several good blogs on ERP, but they are all written by people from a first/developed world perspective. My perspective is ERP in developing countries, like South Africa. The issues and challenges we encounter are often different, due to economic, historical and social factors.

My first comment then is “Help!”. Writing a blog on WordPress is more complicated than I have been used to, and if anyone has some suggestions about where I can learn how to use this site more effectively, please send me a comment.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new manticore location

  1. Thanks Dennis. Saw the pics of the Irregs by Dan Farber, looks like you all had a good time.
    As for my move to WordPress, I realise that if it wasn’t for MWeb I wouldn’t have got into blogging so soon. But as I got more experience, I began to see the limitations of that technology platform. WordPress is great but has meant I have to think more and do more work to set things up.
    Its the old trade-off, more flexibility means more complexity. Same thing happens with businesses and their accounting software.

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